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Most people will get a cavity or two in adult teeth. That doesn’t mean you want everyone to notice it when you smile or speak. Your secret is safe with the doctors of Milford Dental and Associates in Highland, MI. They repair decay with tooth colored fillings and porcelain restorations that blend unnoticeably with your natural dentition.

What are composite resin fillings?

White cavity filling material is made from BPA-free plastic, blended with finely powdered glass. It is color-matched to the shade of your teeth, and has light reflecting qualities like tooth enamel. The composite resin is initially in a malleable form. The doctor molds it into the prepared tooth, sealing the opening and restoring function and appearance. Then the restoration is bonded and hardened with a special light. With a final polishing, the white composite filling is undetectable.

How Highland, MI patients benefit from tooth colored fillings

Since the 1800s, amalgam has been used in this country to repair cavities. Amalgam fillings are silver in color because they contain about 50 percent mercury. Milford Dental and Associates places only mercury-free restorations that look natural.

Here are some of the other advantages of this approach:

  • Tooth colored fillings are conservative – maximum healthy tooth structure is preserved.
  • Because the restoration is bonded, it strengthens the tooth, helping to avoid future damage.
  • The procedure is efficient and comfortable. While each case is unique, it typically takes an hour or less to place a white filling, and usually less numbing is needed than with traditional filling methods.
  • The restoration is strong and durable. With sensible dental habits and good oral hygiene, the filling can remain intact and stain-free for many years.
  • The technique is versatile. While tooth colored fillings for front teeth are popular, a small cavity at any location in the mouth can receive this treatment. It is suitable for baby teeth in children, and adult restorations. Please visit the Cosmetic Bonding page on this website to learn about using a similar material for aesthetic smile enhancement, too.

Milford Dental and Associates welcomes new patients of all ages from Hartland to Commerce Township, Milford, and White Lake. Call (248) 845-4575 to schedule an appointment at Milford Dental and Associates in Highland, MI for a checkup or tooth colored fillings.