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Maybe you would like to enhance certain aspects of your smile, while preserving the unique character it radiates. Porcelain veneers could be an ideal solution. At Milford Dental in Highland, MI, Dr. Jill Seguin brings artistry and technical precision to the procedure. Her veneers have contributed to some of the most attractive smiles in Milford, White Lake, Commerce Township, and Hartland.

About veneers for your teeth

Veneers are thin porcelain restorations bonded to front teeth for cosmetic smile improvement:

  • Hide enamel imperfections – chips, fractures, grooves, pits, bumps, and scratches.
  • Close gaps between teeth.
  • Improve the look of teeth with unusual shape or size.
  • Cover deep discoloration that cannot be removed with professional bleaching.
  • In some cases, to repair teeth that have worn down. (However, if you are a bruxer, the doctor may recommend wearing a nightguard to protect veneers.)
  • As a misaligned teeth solution, veneers give the appearance of teeth straightening, bringing uneven teeth into alignment without braces.

The dental veneer procedure

Getting veneers requires just two dental appointments after the initial consultation. The veneer teeth process starts with preparing surfaces of teeth to ensure a snug fit, by removing a tiny bit of enamel.

Then impressions are taken. They are sent to a trusted lab where a professional dental ceramist fabricates your veneers from high quality materials. The porcelain is color matched to your own teeth, or they can be shaded to brighten your smile. Dr. Seguin may recommend temporary composite resin veneers to protect teeth from sensitivity while waiting for final restorations.

You return to Milford Dental in about two weeks to have temporaries painlessly removed and your new veneers cemented in place.

What Highland, MI patients can expect with porcelain veneers

If you are considering an investment in your smile, you have questions. Where to get veneers? Are veneers permanent? How affordable are veneers? How do I care for veneered teeth?

In Dr. Seguin’s care, you can expect an unhurried consultation with a full explanation of the veneers procedure and other suitable treatment options. The doctor takes as much time as needed to understand your goals and answers questions. Plus, you get to look at before and after photos of real patients.

We want you to feel good about your decision to get porcelain veneers, and great about the outcome. Call Milford Dental in Highland, MI at (248) 845-4575 to get started.

Dr. Jill Seguin

Milford Dental

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Milford Dental is committed to providing patients with the best dental experience in their life. Dr. Seguin and her entire staff carry the same values of compassion and quality care towards all their patients by practicing guilt-free and pain-free dentistry.

Dr. Seguin carries more than 24 years of dentistry expertise in the field with advanced knowledge gained through certifications from acclaimed Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Studies and the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education. Due to her impressive work ethics and skills, she also holds membership in the Academy of General Dentistry and International Association of Orthodontics.