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Do you have bleeding gums when you brush or floss? Do they look discolored or swollen? Do you struggle with chronic bad breath? Please visit Milford Dental and Associates in Highland, MI right away. These symptoms point to gum disease. The doctors of Milford Dental and Associates use gentle, advanced gum disease treatment techniques to get the condition under control and help you maintain improved oral and overall health for life.

Gum infection is serious!

Hundreds of strains of oral bacteria live in your mouth. Certain types feed on sugars and starches remaining after you eat, multiplying very quickly. These pathogens create a sticky film of plaque that protects them from being washed away by saliva. As they eat, they produce acids that irritate soft tissues. Plaque hardens into tartar, irritating gums even more.

If gingivitis is not treated promptly, it progresses to periodontitis. Inflammation worsens and gums pull away from teeth, allowing bacteria to attack ligaments and bone that keep teeth anchored. It is characterized by receding gums with exposed root areas prone to cavities. Without intervention, teeth loosen and fall out (or they must be extracted).

The hazard of periodontal disease does not end there. Bacteria enter the bloodstream through compromised gum tissue, triggering systemic inflammation. Gum disease increases risk of:

  • Developing type 2 diabetes
  • Difficulty controlling blood sugar levels if already diabetic
  • Cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke
  • Respiratory problems
  • Osteoporosis
  • Dementia
  • Having a premature or low birth weight baby

The gum disease treatment difference in Highland, MI

There is no true gum disease cure. Rather, the focus is on preventing gum disease or getting the infection under control and reducing bacterial populations long-term to stop destruction of oral structures. In the past, that required invasive scaling and root planing, gingival flap surgery to remove diseased soft tissue, and possibly bone grafting.

Milford Dental and Associates takes a different approach with noninvasive Perio Protect. These comfortable, custom-fit trays deliver prescription medication below the gumline, fighting disease at its source. Treatment takes only a few minutes daily. With conscientious home hygiene and regular cleanings at Milford Dental and Associates, invasive treatment can usually be avoided.

Don’t give harmful oral bacteria more time to flourish. Call (248) 685-0941 today to schedule modern gum disease treatment with the doctors of Milford Dental and Associates in Highland, MI. We welcome new patients from Hartland, White Lake, Commerce Township, and Milford.