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Gum Pocket Measurements and What It Means for Your Oral Health

Having healthy gums is a significant component of good oral health. When you develop gum disease, and it is left untreated, it could eventually lead to bone deterioration and potential tooth loss. Because of this, at the earliest signs of gum disease, your dentist will educate you on what appropriate treatment needs to be done to stop the progression of gum disease. Patients in Highland, Michigan, visit Milford Dental and Associates to have their teeth and gums examined.

Dentists can monitor and check the health of your tooth’s supporting structures by taking measurements of your gum pockets during a periodontal screening. Knowing what these numbers mean can help you understand how to keep this foundation healthy.

Gum Pocket Measurements and Their Meanings

1 to 3mm: When your gums are normal and healthy, your gum “collar” will be snug up against the tooth with a gum pocket that ranges from 1 to 3mm.

4mm: When you suffer from gingivitis or early-stage gum disease, this is the reversible stage. Your gum pocket expansion is caused by swelling or inflammation of the gum tissue. You will usually experience no discomfort. You will want to take measures to reverse this process as soon as you can because, as your gums loosen and deeper pockets develop, plaque, tartar, and food debris can begin to creep into this space and exacerbate the problem.

When bacteria are allowed to remain in gum pockets, harm to the tooth and bone will start to occur.

5mm: When you develop gum pockets that are 5mm or more, you are likely suffering from advanced gum disease, and your teeth and supporting bone are at severe risk.

Dental cleanings performed by a dental professional are a critical step in preventing and treating any stage of gum disease. The plaque, tartar, and bacteria around your teeth and above and below the gumline, are removed more effectively than you can do on your own. 

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