Closure of Milford Dental Care due to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC As of Friday, March 20, 2020, the Governor of our State has issued an executive order which temporarily restricts non-essential dental procedures

Milford Dental Care can only focus on the management of conditions that require immediate attention to relieve severe pain and/or risk of infection and to alleviate the burden on hospital emergency departments.

If you have an Urgent Essential Dental Emergency, Please contact our office at 248.685.0941 for further instructions.

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Dr. Jill Seguin of Milford Dental Care is a skilled and compassionate general dentist who offers a full range of treatment options.

Preventive care

Your smile is one of your most valuable social assets and a visual expression of your most beautiful emotions. It is well worth protecting, and the only effective way to accomplish that goal is with the help of a skilled dental team. Dr. Seguin will recommend a preventive care plan based on your needs. For most patients, bi-annual appointments are sufficient. However, those with periodontal disease may need to visit more often.

  • Dental prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) – With pampering amenities and attentive service in an inviting atmosphere, you can truly relax while your hygienist gently cleans and polishes your teeth. At Milford Dental Care, a hygiene appointment is like a spa day for your smile!
  • Sealants – Protect tooth enamel by sealing out harmful bacteria. Dental sealants provide a thin, durable coating that fills in tiny pits and fissures. The procedure is often recommended for children, but it is also appropriate for adults who are at a high-risk for decay.
  • Fluoride varnish – Strengthen tooth enamel and reverse early decay with this simple remineralizing treatment.
  • Silver Diamine – This advanced antibiotic fluoride treatment is FDA approved, painless, and noninvasive. It fights decay, reduces tooth sensitivity, and strengthens your smile.
  • Sports mouthguards – Our appliances custom-made for a comfortable fit and optimal protection. Athletes of all ages are susceptible to injury, so we recommend mouthguards for children and adults. 


Oral health problems are progressive, meaning that the longer they exist the worse they get. That is why we are committed to early detection.

  •  CariVu cavity detection – This patented technology can detect even very small fractures and cavities with an exceptionally high accuracy rate.
  • Panoramic digital imaging – Digital x-rays offer many advantages over film, including enhanced detail for early disease detection.
  • Oral cancer screening – Early detection can save your life! Checkups for all patients over the age of 18 include oral cancer screening because even non-smokers are at risk.

Advanced dental services

We are proud to offer comprehensive oral care, encompassing much more than restoring teeth.

  • Periodontal therapy – Rather than aggressive, highly invasive treatment, Dr. Seguin recommends a combination of professional deep cleanings and Perio Protect. This system allows you to continue treating gum disease between appointments by wearing a comfortable medication-filled tray for a few minutes each day.
  • Sleep apnea treatment – Snoring can be disruptive to you and your sleeping partner. It can also be a sign of sleep apnea, which is a serious medical condition. Dr. Seguin offers oral appliance therapy for comfortable and convenient relief.
  • TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder) treatment – Did you know that jaw problems can cause headaches, facial pain, tinnitus, dizziness, and more? We offer multi-faceted, minimally invasive treatment with oral appliances and Botox injections.

If you are looking for an exceptional general dentist in Highland, MI, call Milford Dental Care at (248) 845-4575 and arrange an appointment with Dr. Jill Seguin.