Emergency Dentist In Highland, MI

Emergency Dentist Appointments In Highland, MI

Woman with pain from her teeth looking for emergency dentist appointment in Highland MI.No one wakes up expecting a dental emergency, but when you need prompt care, Dr. Seguin encourages you to call our office right away for an emergency dentist appointment. It can be difficult to fulfill everyday responsibilities when you are struggling under the cloud of dental pain. Not to mention, letting a dental emergency go untreated can cause additional oral health complications!

At Milford Dental Care, we don’t want any of our patients to suffer the consequences of an untreated dental emergency, or to just "endure it." We know that you need to be at your best to balance your family, work and social obligations.

How Do I Know I Am Experiencing a Dental Emergency?

If you are in so much dental pain that it is hard for you to concentrate on your normal activities, you are likely experiencing a dental emergency. If the pain is preventing you from chewing, sleeping, or from fully participating in your day-to-day engagements, you need professional attention from Dr. Seguin. Signs and examples of dental emergencies include:

  • Painful swelling, bleeding and/or redness
  • Blunt aching pain that becomes sharp during chewing
  • Broken dental restorations or knocked out fillings
  • Chipped or cracked tooth
  • Knocked out/avulsed tooth or loose permanent tooth
  • Persistent sensitivity or tenderness of a tooth
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Trauma from an accident to the craniofacial region

Dental Trauma

The first few moments after an oral accident are vital in determining if your recovery will go smoothly. If you have lost a tooth, it is critical that you see Dr. Seguin as soon as possible (within 30 minutes, ideally) in order to save the tooth.

Make sure to pick the tooth up by the chewing surface (not the root!), gently wash it off with water only, and place it back in the socket if possible.

If you cannot place the tooth back in the socket, it is necessary to keep it moist in a cup of milk, or to place it in your mouth in your cheek.

Saving Highland, MI Smiles

If you or a loved one has suffered an accident affecting your teeth, call Milford Dental Care immediately to schedule an emergency appointment. The more promptly dental injuries are addressed, the more we can help you!

After you appointment, check out our cosmetic dentistry services for any follow-up work needed to restore your smile.