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How Often Should I Get an Oral Cancer Screening in Highland, MI?

Oral cancer is not something many of us think about. If you brush your teeth regularly and go to the dentist like you are supposed to, many of us never give cancer a second thought until we start to feel a lump or have a sore that doesn’t heal. Smokers are at a higher risk for oral cancer than most, especially if they have a history of cancer in their family. So, scheduling an oral cancer screening with your dentist in Highland, MI, may be a good idea.

What Are the Signs of Oral Cancer?

There are several signs and symptoms of oral cancer that may be cause for alarm. An open sore on the lips or in the mouth is one of the most common. Discolored patches, loose teeth, lumps, mouth or ear pain, and difficulty swallowing are also common signs associated with oral cancer. The mouth is one of the areas of the body that will heal extremely fast. If you notice an open sore or a painful area in your mouth or throat that lasts for longer than two or three days, schedule an oral cancer screening with your dentist. This is the best way to determine whether cancer cells are present.

When Should I Have an Oral Cancer Screening Performed?

Most dental professionals recommend having oral cancer screening performed once a year. If you have had oral cancer in the past, your dentist may want to perform a screening every six months to make sure that it has not returned. Any time you begin to be suspicious of something going on with your mouth, do not delay. Call your dentist right away. The earlier the cancer is caught, the more treatment options you have available to you.

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When it is time for your next oral cancer screening in Highland, MI, call Milford Dental and Associates. For existing patients, the number to call is (248) 685-0941. If you are a new patient, call (248) 845-4575 at your earliest convenience. Do not let the situation get out of hand! Talk to your dentist today and schedule an oral cancer screening.

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