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The Advantages Offered By Composite Dental Fillings For Cavity Treatment in Highland, MI

Composite dental fillings, also called white fillings, are more popular than ever and are being used over metal amalgam fillings by most of the modern dental community. One major reason for the widespread use of composite resin fillings is the material’s innate ability to closely match the color of your natural teeth. The ability to match the tooth’s natural shade means that composite resin fillings can be used in both back and front tooth fillings without being noticed. The team at Milford Dental and Associates in Highland, MI has seen great results using this type of filling. Here are some advantages composite resin fillings provide over alternatives.

Less Drilling

When comparing composite resin fillings to metallic amalgam fillings, one big difference between the two is the amount of tooth that must be removed to apply the filling. With composite resin fillings, not nearly as much of the tooth must be removed to apply the filling. This allows the tooth to retain more of its structural integrity and remain durable.

Hardens Quickly

With a composite filling, once placed, a special light is applied to the filling to quickly harden and set it. Within a minute (in most cases) the filling has cured and hardened. This makes the process of placing a white filling incredibly quick and is a big advantage over amalgam fillings.

Minimal Sensitivity

Some individuals who receive metallic fillings experience sensitivity to cold or hot food and drink. Alternatively, composite resins used in white fillings result in far fewer sensitivities. This advantage lies in the resin’s ability to insulate a tooth from these hot and cold temperatures. There may be some slight sensitivity when the filling is first set but, in the long run, there should be minimal tooth sensitivity.

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These are just a few advantages that composite resin (white) fillings hold over the alternatives. If you have cavities in need of filling in a way that is unnoticeable by the naked eye, please call Milford Dental and Associates in Highland, MI at (248) 685-0941.

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