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Can You Get a Cavity in Your Front Teeth? If Yes, Can a Filling Fix it?

The grooves and pits in your back teeth make these teeth more prone to cavities. Food particles can be stuck in these crevices, increasing the risk of a cavity starting. While this leaves your back teeth at risk of decay, your front teeth can get cavities too.

Milford Dental in Highland, Michigan, treats cavities in the front teeth the same way as any other cavity. However, Dr. Jill Seguin and the team take a few steps to ensure your teeth remain cosmetically appealing. After all, these teeth are at the front and center for the whole world to see.

How cavities form

Cavities form when sugars and bacteria in the mouth combine. They accumulate on your teeth to form a clear, sticky film (plaque). If the plaque lingers on, the bacteria in it release toxic substances that eat away your enamel. The resulting hole is a cavity. Initially, a cavity only affects the first layer of your tooth, but if it’s untreated, it can grow deeper and reach the layer of your tooth where the nerve is. At this point, you will need a root canal to save the tooth.

Cavities form in the front teeth for the same reason they appear in other parts of your mouth. Poor oral hygiene, over indulgence in sugary and acidic foods, genetics, and certain medical conditions predispose you to cavities. Luckily, cavities are easily treatable when detected early.

Treating cavities in the front teeth with tooth-colored fillings

If your front cavity isn’t extensive, you don’t need a dental crown or inlay — a typical dental filling can do the job perfectly. Because your front teeth are visible when smiling, Dr. Seguin recommends a tooth-colored filling because they can be color-matched to mimic the shade of your enamel. Once tooth-colored fillings are in place, no one will ever notice you had tooth decay!

Before filling your tooth with tooth-colored filling, we first remove the decayed part of the tooth. We, then fill that part with a tooth-colored filling and harden it with a special light. Afterward, we shape and polish your treated tooth for an aesthetically appealing finish.

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Cavity treatment near me

Your front cavity is no more — and no less — than a cavity in any other place in your mouth. Don’t ignore it because it will soon become a bigger problem. No matter where your cavity is found, Milford Dental in Highland, MI, has the experience to fix it. Please dial (248) 845-4575 to book an appointment with Dr. Jill Seguin.

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