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The doctors of Milford Dental and Associates believe it is never too early to start thinking about giving your child well aligned teeth, or too late to get a gorgeous smile yourself. At Milford Dental and Associates in Highland, MI we provide conventional braces and innovations in orthodontics.

Options for kids of all ages

  • Space maintainer – Baby teeth are important to the alignment of future secondary teeth. When a primary tooth is lost prematurely, Milford Dental and Associates may recommend a space maintainer to be sure there is adequate room for the adult tooth to drop into place at the appropriate time. This simple precaution can avoid need for extensive orthodontic treatment later.
  • Phase I orthodontic treatment – A palatal expander, active retainer, or partial braces between the ages of 6 and 10 prepares a child’s jaws for better alignment of permanent teeth. With early intervention, extractions are usually not needed, so your child grows into a big, broad, natural smile.
  • Phase II orthodontic treatment – Full upper and lower teeth braces can be considered when all permanent teeth have come in. Though teeth move readily at this stage of cranial development, braces usually need to stay on for at least 24 months for optimal tooth and bite alignment.

Braces and orthodontics for adults in Highland, MI

At one time, adult orthodontics was somewhat unusual. Today, adult braces are commonly seen from the country club to the dance floor and office. An increasing number of men and women are recognizing the health, social, and professional benefits of aligned teeth.

If you want straighter teeth without having dental braces, Invisalign could be a terrific option. Clear aligners are virtually unnoticeable, and you can remove them to eat, brush, and floss normally.

Protecting your smile investment for life

The doctors of Milford Dental and Associates completed rigorous advanced training to qualify as an associate member of the International Association of Orthodontics. When you put your smile in their hands, you are assured of proficient treatment that does not end when your braces come off. They will design a comfortable orthodontic retainer to ensure your teeth stay straight for years to come.

Are you looking for affordable braces in the Milford, Hartland, Commerce Township, White Lake, or Highland, MI area? Getting braces or orthodontics can be a beautiful reality at Milford Dental and Associates. The consultation is free, and we can help with flexible third-party financing. Just call (248) 685-0941 to get started.