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We have compiled all the current guidance and regulations from the CDC, FDA, OSHA, MIOSHA and have assembled MDC’s COVID-19 assurance protocol.
We will continue to keep up to date with the ever changing information during this Pandemic.

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Can You Get a Cavity in Your Front Teeth? If Yes, Can a Filling Fix it?

Cavity in Front Tooth Filling in Highland MI Area

The grooves and pits in your back teeth make these teeth more prone to cavities. Food particles can be stuck in these crevices, increasing the risk of a cavity starting. While this leaves your back teeth at risk of decay, your front teeth can get cavities too. Milford Dental in Highland, Michigan, treats cavities in the front teeth the same way as any other cavity. However, Dr. Jill Seguin and the team take a few steps to ensure your teeth remain cosmetically appealing. After all, these teeth are at the front and center for the whole world to see. How …

The Advantages Offered By Composite Dental Fillings For Cavity Treatment in Highland, MI

The Advantages Offered By Composite Dental Fillings For Cavity Treatment in Highland, MI Area

Composite dental fillings, also called white fillings, are more popular than ever and are being used over metal amalgam fillings by most of the modern dental community. One major reason for the widespread use of composite resin fillings is the material’s innate ability to closely match the color of your natural teeth. The ability to match the tooth’s natural shade means that composite resin fillings can be used in both back and front tooth fillings without being noticed. Dr. Jill Seguin and the team at Milford Dental in Highland, MI have seen great results using this type of filling. Here …