Milford Dental and Associates has established an infection control plan that places all our patients and team members’ health and safety first.
We have compiled all the current guidance and regulations from the CDC, FDA, OSHA, MIOSHA and have assembled MDC’s COVID-19 assurance protocol.
We will continue to keep up to date with the ever changing information during this Pandemic.

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Dental Implants

Can You Get a Dental Implant Even If You Have Bone Loss in Your Jaw?

Dental Implants with Bone Loss in Highland MI Area

When you lose a single tooth or multiple teeth, getting the teeth replaced with a suitable alternative is important. Replacing a lost tooth is important not only so you can have a beautiful and complete smile but because you are at risk of several oral health problems. Patients in the Highland, Michigan, area seeking tooth replacement options visit the team at Milford Dental and Associates. One concern you need to worry about after losing a tooth is bone loss. Your jawbone can break down over time once it loses the stimulation provided by your missing tooth’s root. If you have …

Knowing What to Expect During the Tooth Implant Process From Start to Finish in Highland, MI

Knowing What to Expect During the Tooth Implant Process From Start to Finish in Highland, MI Area

Unlike many simple procedures offered by your dentist, receiving a dental implant is not a one-off procedure. Getting a dental implant involves several stages, many of which require healing before progressing to the next stage. This makes receiving a dental implant one of the more time-consuming dental procedures you may experience. If you need a dental implant and have been wondering to yourself “Where can I get a dental implant near me?” then look no further. The team at Milford Dental and Associates in Highland, MI understands that the tooth implant process can be arduous and is here to provide …