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Your Dental Experience
We can assure you that your first visit will be an unique experience. You’ll see that we’re redefining the dental experience, as you now know it. To ease the anxieties of our patients, we have created a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. The reception area is accented with comfortable furnishings, a wide array of magazines, selection of fresh fruit, and cookies that are baked daily. For our younger patients, there is a 40” flat screen television that either a movie is being shown from our wide selection of DVD’s or they can play one of our games on our Nintendo Game Cube®. In the treatment areas, a complete spectrum of relaxing comforts is also offered: warm, cozy blankets, fresh flowers, and an iPod® with Bose® Noise Reduction Headphones to listen to music options you prefer. In treatment room that patient's have their teeth cleaned; a new state of the art dental chair has the Ergosoothe™ Massaging feature. To possibly make your visit even more pleasant, we offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation (laughing gas). We want to make sure that you are comfortable as possible at all times.

We Welcome You as a New Patient
Your first visit to our office is a very important one. It gives both of us an opportunity to get to know each other. Depending on how far in advance your New Patient appointment is made. We will send you our “Welcome to our practice package”. Included in this package are: Our Welcome Letter, Medical and Dental History Forms, Patient Registration Form, a copy of our current newsletter, and directions to our office. These forms can be filled out in the comfort of your home, where you have the time needed and where you have access to the necessary information. Once the forms are completed, send the forms back to us in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope. Returning these prior to your visit allows us to review your information prior to your appointment and when you come for your appointment we will be able to see you more promptly.

Your First Visit
You will meet with Dr. Seguin, where both of you will discuss your medical and dental history, your goals and expectations for your dental health. Time is allotted to allow coverage of all of your questions and concerns.

The following work-up will then be completed:

  1. Full mouth radiographic survey (FMX): If your prior dental experiences have not included a FMX in the past three to five years, then we would recommend it to be taken. A set of full mouth radiographs are used to evaluate your oral health status, including any underlying signs of periodontal (gum) disease and for future comparison.
  2. Gum Disease Evaluation: Measurements of periodontal (gum) pocketing and recession. Oral Health Topics: Periodontal (Gum) Diseases)
  3. Oral Cancer Exam: Head and neck exam to rule out any potential pathology. Oral Health Topics: Oral Cancer
  4. An Intra-oral camera tour of your mouth: This will give a firsthand view of the condition of your gums, teeth, and existing dental fillings and crowns. We will also chart and analyze your existing fillings and any new areas of concern.
  5. TMJ and Masticatory muscle palpation exam.
  6. Occlusion/Bite Classification and analysis.

Other diagnostic tools that may be included:

  1. DIAGNOdent: This laser fluorescence cavity detection system helps detect cavities at the earliest possible stage. This unique instrument glides over tooth surfaces constantly checking the health of the tooth. Measurements from the DIAGNOdent, together with conventional diagnostic tools and professional judgment will help determine whether to monitor suspect areas over time, to treat them with preventative therapy, or to restore them with minimally invasive techniques.
  2. Study models: This is truly the only way for a thorough diagnosis your teeth and bite to determine the best outcome of your individual case.

Dr. Seguin will take all the above information and incorporate it into a comprehensive treatment plan. She will meet with you and review all the above findings and discuss the ideal treatment plan and any alternative treatment plans. Any of your concerns and questions will be addressed. Sometimes, a second consultation is indicated because of the extent of the treatment plan. You will never be rushed into accepting any treatment.


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